As an International House & Pet Sitter, I have been around animals - both domestic and farm - all my life and have also been an avid horse rider since the age of 7.

Through the many animals I have cared for over the years - both as a pet owner and as a sitter - I have learned that every animal is different and unique and each need their own approach to feel comfortable and safe. I love to go out of my way to make sure each pet is happy and feels loved while "mommy & daddy" are travelling and spend ample play and cuddle time with the furry darlings every day.

International house & pet sitter

On occasion, I even sing a terrified doggie to sleep during a thunderstorm - or in one case, the aftermath of an epileptic attack - and I am also trained in Pet First Aid and applying medication should that need ever arise.

To ensure a smooth transition I always arrive at least one day in advance, so you can properly introduce me to each pet and give them time to get to know me. And I will be in regular email communication with you while you travel with pictures and updates, letting you know that everyone is ok or bringing up any concerns that may arise. You are also welcome to contact me at any time.

Past House & Pet Sitting Experience

I have done almost 30 house and farm sits over the past 3 years - covering 4 continents - and have cared for a wide variety of animals from dogs of all sizes - incl. Rottweilers, Pitbulls, German Shepherd and Doberman - to kitties, bunnies, birds, chicken, geese, ducks as well as horses and sheep.

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At one time I cared for 17 dogs, 5 horses, and a large variety of ducks, geese and chicken on a farm sit in Kentucky, and more recently for 4 large dogs, 10 cats and some sheep during a ranch sit in Texas, as well a 6 large dogs during a farm sit near Cape Town, South Africa - so even large numbers are no problem - and I love the solitude of remote locations.

My only exception are reptiles.

Professional Background

My professional background is in classical music - I toured internationally for many years as a conductor, organist and pianist, incl. Carnegie Hall and a performance for the Pope on St. Peter's Square.

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I also served as Music Director at churches in New York, Los Angeles and Munich, Germany. You can find more info and some concert videos on my Music Page.

Since becoming a "Digital Nomad", I started SassyZenGirl Lifestyle, a travel blog and Digital Nomad consulting firm that helps travellers from all walks of life achieve long term location independence. I'm also a multiple #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Kindle books and run a successful SEO Consulting firm that allows me to work with clients remotely from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, good unlimited internet is very important on any house sit. It also means, I'm home most of the time working online, keeping the fur darlings company...;-)

Why I became a House & Petsitter

After more than 20 years in the international music business I realized 3 years ago that it was time for a change and a more tranquil pace in my life. I started road tripping all over the US - have been to all 50 states and even drove all the way up to Alaska and the Arctic Sea.

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Along the way I discovered International House & Pet Sitting and it has turned into a wonderful new career, allowing me the solitude I so enjoy in the beautiful company of loving animals - I am mostly home during a sit - as well as travelling, a great passion of mine. 

Where I will be available to House / Pet Sit

I have done house sits in North America, Africa, Australia & New Zealand and South East Asia.

I get many offers and repeat requests every week and can only accept a few. I vet each offer carefully to ensure it will be a good experience for both sides.

To proceed further, please submit the form below and I will get back to you within 2-3 days (depending on travel).


Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you!



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I will then let you know my availabilities and applicable fees. In case of a match we will set up a Skype call to answer further questions and to get to know each other a little better. 

If we all feel good about the arrangement, you are welcome to contact some of my references for a final decision.

Sound good? - I look forward to hearing from you!


SAL-Ruby Mae


I wrote this little song during a recent house sit and whenever I played it all the doggies fell sound asleep. Since then other dog owners and sitters have reported similar results.....

Try it with your pets - kitties liked it, too, though they sleep most of the time anyway...;-)  

      Gundi's Doggie Lullaby

 doggie lullaby

"Beautiful! I kid you not, as I was listening to it the dog we are house sitting ran into the room, jumped in his bed and laid his head down!"

Donna, intl. house & pet sitter from the UK


"A wonderful melody and it worked well with our dog Aline. I myself was also deeply moved by this pure, enthralling music."

Elke, dog owner from Frankfurt, Germany