Labrador Retrievers for Dog Training

PAWsome Dog Training Videos!

I recently tried out Doggy Dan's dog training videos, one of the most successful dog trainers in the world and the top selling dog training program on the internet - and have to say they are really amazing! - yes, they also come with a skillful sales campaign...;-) - but it's one of those cases where the hype is really justified.

As I noticed during my house sits that dog owners keep having the same recurring problems, I decided to share a few free videos here that will hopefully be helpful.

The 5 videos below cover some of the most common dog problems.

Check'em out and if they help your dog, you can try the whole course for just $1 (see at the bottom).

#1 - Pulling on the Leash

#3 - Dog Aggression

#2 - Puppy Training

#4 - People Aggression

#5 - Holiday Training

If you liked what you saw you can try the whole course for just $1 - for 3 days ($37/month afterwards).

You can cancel at any time and if you just want to check one particular problem, you can do the 3-day trial and then cancel.

Just click the button below to get started.